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Story Extra


The Land of Amazing Things...


How did people travel in Hidden Phoenix** Land?

Hidden Phoenix** was a large land built by a businessman named Desat. Its shape was unseen by people in the human world. It was only seen by Deities and Kilsat (a human) who was born to find and decipher Ten Blue Fire Phoenix Feathers. Kilsat's father, Desat, built twenty warehouses in Hidden Phoenix** as asked (by a Deity who was called "The Master of Crystal Heart" and people usually called Him "Crystal Heart of Christmas" when the winter came.)

Hidden Phoenix** had twenty floating cities and two star-shaped centers (Maverlous Hub and Crystal Phoenix). Each floating city was supervised by a Deity. Deities selected twenty talented people to manage their cities. Desat didn't know about this. Twenty people who were selected worked for Desat as city managers.

Because of floating cities, people had to travel by big ships or hire large boats made by the best peacock feather material that was waterproof. They were the most beautiful boats. Specially, these marvelous boats could fly on air To board a phoenix boat or embark a ship, people had to book and buy a ticket from a travel agency located in a city. Price of a ticket was pretty cheap, 25 Hgk. However, if Kilsat, in the current world, just needed to have 1 Hgk, he could buy all estates in Europe!

Itinerary of a journey was announced at travel agencies and big screens on boats. However, city manager often provided each person/tourist with an announcer who was actually created by hologram technology. This announcer was always been with the tourist during the journey to help him or her.

Beverage and blanket were prohibited things to bring on ships and phoenix boats. This was a valid rule that had been accepted and abided by most of people in Hidden Phoenix** in order to keep water source clean. City managers also provided tourists with special blankets that woven from flamingo feathers. Flamingos in Hidden Phoenix** were carefully looked after and their feathers could grow and fall out two hundred thousand ones per day. To peacocks, it was seven hundred thousand ones per day.

Without bringing beverage, tourists who were onboard could claim any beverage they wanted, but sea-water of Hidden Phoenix**. Sea-water of this maigic land tasted sweeter than honey but no one dared to enjoy it because people believe that, if they drank it even though only one drop, a 540,000 foot long snake-shaped sea-monster would appear and turn their boat upside down. There were sometimes annoucements onboard to remind tourists of this.

Itineraries were often created by city managers, but sometimes in special events, Desat could change them. For example, every eleventh day of November yearly, Desat and twenty city managers always celebrated The Day of God of Sea. This day was also the opening day of the land Hidden Phoenix**. This month, November, was always full of tourists. Therefore, delays often happened during this time. To reduce delays, Desat and his team of engineers made a miracle that satisfied big dream of people: tourists who suffered delays could use Phoenix wings to fly to their destination. Sky of Hidden Phoenix** sometimes looked like the world of phoenix, the mythological bird.



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