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Phoenix** Land


Chapter 1


* Hidden Phoenix** was a large land built by a businessman named Desat. Its shape was unseen by people in the human world. It was only seen by Deities and Kilsat (a human) who was born to find and decipher Ten Blue Fire Phoenix Feathers. Kilsat's father, Desat, built twenty warehouses in Hidden Phoenix** as asked (by a Deity who was called "The Master of Crystal Heart" and people usually called Him "Crystal Heart of Christmas" when the winter came*.)

*Desat discovered a magical yellow fire peacock feather in his Greek tour. Melina, his friend, traveled with him and got an orange fire peacock feather. Both discovered them at a souvenir shop in Greek. They were just normal peacock feathers until they came back to their own home, met each other again and put two peacock feathers near together. Both Desat and Melina amazed when they saw two feathers deflagrating. One in yellow fire and the rest in orange fire. After a few seconds, the fires began to expire and they saw lines on the feathers. Desat took the to read while Melina took the rest, .

They married 3 months later. They always tried to do everything as asked by the magical feathers. They started to build this Hidden Phoenix** when Kilsat, their son, was two. Their business was very good. Kilsat was told about the Phoenix Feathers. When he was seven, Desat and Melina used to take him warehouses and ask him to arrange boxes orderly. Kilsat was very interested in visiting these areas because of his parents' magical story. He thought that his parents just wanted him to study their business.

*He'd never seen any Blue Fire Phoenix Feathers as told. He felt rather disappointed. Howsoever he loved his parents' magical story. It made him excited. On his twentieth birthday, his parents gave him the Magic Crystal as the Deity asked. Kilsat amazed at the marvellous tool. He hurriedly left his party and ran to the first star (Marvellous Hub) in the center of Hidden Phoenix**. He felt so thrilled. After beholding and going over Magic Crystal, he started to tuck his right index finger in the Magic Crystal and slewed it to the left. Numbers appeared in turn on yellow full points of the marvellous tool. He tried touching one special full point numbered 2233...

Kilsat : What is it ?




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