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Chapter 7


When Kilsat came back and met the Blue Fire Phoenix at the lake in the large land Hidden Phoenix**, God just asked him

"How's your journey, My son?"

"..." Kilsat was silent. He seemed pretty touched.

"He just tried to keep and follow Your Words closely." said White Kilsat. "and of course, he had pressed the Star before the light was out as you said. He did it too fast so that I couldn't believe it!"

White Kilsat saw God smiling. After a few minutes passed, Kilsat was moved and gave the glad eye to His Lord. Then he slowly said

"It was my greatest time, My Great Father!" . "Even if You ask me whether I want to return that journey or not, I will at once say Yes!" His genial eyes were brighter than ever.

"Time can't be stopped or rewinded, Kilsat", said White Kilsat.

"That was marvelous feelings, my wonderful Daddy. I felt free, daring, comfortable, even elevated many times" animatedly showed Kilsat, "but..." he stopped a while "...I had to spend a lot of time understanding what You said in the Star of Belief thoroughly", "and I couldn't meaningfully have lived and come back here if during that journey time I hadn't reminded myself what You had said before the journey was started. It was so fabulous!"

The Lord looked hard at His son proudly. He didn't say anything, but slightly observed and listened to him.

"You've already come back Hidden Phoenix** land. You'll absolutely have a great, real journey like the previous one or even better! Just live in your own way, be yourself as you did with all of your love", White Kilsat seemed to bring his counterpart to present time.

"Daddy, when I came back here, I felt I was born for a new life in this Hidden Phoenix** land, just the same as a reborn Phoenix!"

Kilsat suddenly remembered Ten Reborn Phoenix Feathers and especially the time when he sought magical feathers. All were coming to his mind...






After Kilsat's words, God warmly asked him a question

"Kilsat, what was the most noteworthy memory in that journey?"

White Kilsat turned for a look at Him while Kilsat was absorbed in his thoughts. After a few moments, he seemed to be slightly emotional and said

"I had many noteworthy memories. Daddy, I can't forget a special letter of a girl. She sent it to me after she had seen me in a television interview."

White Kilsat added

"That story happened in his extraordinary journey ninety years ago, my Lord. Kilsat is still twenty now in Hidden Phoenix**" , he got excited, "One hundred twenty years in that journey just equals one day in Hidden Phoenix**"

God gave the glad eye to His son and asked him

"She wrote to you after people had called you 'The Most Beautiful Person in The World'? "

Kilsat was both mirthful and blushing when his Great Father said that. He smiled and responded


The Deity kept silence. The counterpart of Kilsat (also 'the original ego') did too. Both, God and White Kilsat, were waiting for his narration although both knew it very well. They always stayed with him during the spectacular journey.

"That letter made me emotional and anxious for her." he proceeded. "I couldn't forget her terms. They were dark and miserable. She was powerless and weak, but never pusillanimous!" he emphasized at the end of his sentence.

Kilsat was positive about the girl

"She was still a self-respecting person although her will was weak at that time."

White Kilsat got a word in edgeways

"She was impossible to overcome self-depreciation because of her own eyes of prejudices. She had to suffer a big complex that made her feel powerless. She always felt she was ugly. Others' depreciations got her to believe that was true".

Kilsat continued

"I wish You could read that letter, Daddy. The letter was long a bit! I wish I had found it. It was lost many years ago"

God looked at His dearest son while offering and holding His right palm upward. He said

"You mean this letter, son?"

Kilsat was extremely thunderstruck. He saw an old yellow letter gradually appearing on God's palm.


[Oh!!!] (Kilsat did burst out in mind)

"I can't believe it, Daddy!", Kilsat gawped at the letter. "It was too long. I lost it when travelling to The Bermuda Triangle.", he was emotional. "Great!"

The Master of Crystal Heart smiled and scrutinized him. He knew this letter was important to Kilsat. It was not only a memento but also a 'lever' that made his life change breathtakingly.

"I tried to find it many years ago. It was my vein to begin my mightily meaningful journey. I can't forget it!"

Kilsat looked on the familiar letter. The girl's special character was still very clear although the letter became pretty yellow. The color of time fully contained memory that was rushing over him. He gave eyes to the first familiar lines. Those lines told what she had had to suffer bad things for many years to write it down and pour out...



Dear Kilsat, The Most Beautiful Person in The World.

I am a gawky and ugly girl who are trying to just accept myself. I hope this letter can be sent to you and you can read it. I know you are very busy. But I really feel alone, empty and fall into disgrace. Therefore, I just want to confide in you, a lenient man. I really trust you.

I don't have many friends. I've not had any best friend to talk about my matters with them. But if I had a best friend, I couldn't also intimate with him or her. My matter is difficult to tell. I'll feel ashamed and they'll laugh or hold me cheap if I confide these in them.

I feel incapable of being a beautiful girl. I'm still myself although I've tried to change a lot. Look at mirror, I feel tired and powerless. I've tried to diet, but it's useless. I'm still using makeup a lot, but without them, I feel worse. I won't absolutely feel confident if I don't use them. How can I be truly confident? I cannot change my facial features. It is not well-proportioned. It usually harasses me. I don't understand why I want to avoid looking at those features and my face naturally. I mean it like a natural reflex. Does this mean I was born with these bad feelings inside me? Feel I'll be impossible to get rid of those emotions.

Going to school is a hard thing to me, Kilsat. I just want to be alone. I often go to deserted places to think about myself and my appearance. Crowded parties, picnics, shopping are activities I don't want to join. In fact, I also want to join those with one or two friends, but I haven't had any close friend. I don't know whether I want to be alone or not, but I feel comfortable when staying single-handed.

I would love to be beautiful, Kilsat. I feel passive in a crowded public. I am often clumsy and can't concentrate on what I am doing. It seems like I usually focus on other people's looks, thoughts. I try to focus on what I'm doing , but it's hard for me because my mind usually focus on my appearance, my body, especially ugly features. I find it's too hard to feel comfortable and concentrate on my work. Why do I myself often have to care others' silent judgements? I say 'silent' because I strongly feel people look at and undervalue me (they can not even say any word). Perhaps, I feel that through their eyes and laughs. That's been nagging me for years. Maybe I cannot change that.

My dear Kilsat, I felt excited when you said "Anyone can be The Most Beautiful Person in The World" on KDC Television last week. But that's so far away from me. I indeed would love to know how to become beautiful and avoid those that are making me unhappy, powerless and tired. Can you help me feel better about myself? How can I get beautiful while I cannot change my body, my face?

I went to see a plastic surgeon five moths ago. I desired to make a nose job and a liposuction. However, I am afraid of being discovered and mocked by familiar people. I have still not decided yet. Should I decide to make or not, Kilsat? This is also one of the reasons I am writing this letter. I hope you'll give me your opinion. I trust you, Kilsat. I say this to you only. No one but you is told about this because I know you'll never laugh or mock me. My parents, yes, they also think I'm not good-looking. They just say I'm normal sometimes. No one ever considers me a beautiful girl. I always feel be undervalued by others.

You said anyone, lenient people, could be a Super-excellent Beauty on KDC. That means you have an amazing method that helps people become beautiful? Can I use that method? How can I change my facial features without any plastics or cosmetics surgery? How can I feel truly confident, not a short or fake confidence?

You gave me hope, Kilsat. I've never heard about what you said before. Therefore, I am writing this to look forward to hearing honest answers from you, the Most Beautiful Person in The World.

I know you are busy. But, please give me some advice for my matter. Thank you very much, Kilsat.

Wish you all the best.




P.S: I'm a Christian and I hardly think about our God. Thanks for refreshing Him!



Kilsat raised his eyes and looked at his Holy Father. Then, he got a glimpse of God's lenient eyes. He was silent, neither said nor asked more. Perhaps he was recollecting the first time he had read this letter. Feelings wholly changed. Cheerfulness instead of deep sympathy. All were over. The story happened too long time ago. Kilsat come back home (Hidden Phoenix**). He finished his Holy Father' Will and was in front of Him.

"What are you thinking, son?"

Kilsat weakly startled. His genial smile made God delighted.

"I met her again ten years later, Daddy" , he stopped for a while and proceeded "and she..."

God scrutinized him

"she became The Most Beautiful Person in The World. That was a shocking result to her, family and her former classmates. They couldn't believe it!", Kilsat told the Lord proudly.

"My great Lord, I used to think Kilsat couldn't help people like her. But he could. Because he lived through difficult times to absolutely win himself.", White Kilsat said in smile.

"If I hadn't always done what You had told me before leaving Hidden Phoenix** to join the time journey, I'd certainly have failed." emphasized he.

In Kilsat's head, he was hearing familiar remote sounds that had always been with him during the time journey.

["Just believe You are my child, Kilsat!" - "..Remember, the closer you can be with White Kilsat, the more marvelous the journey will be" - "You have to be the master of yourself. If you always stay with Me, you'll clearly see I am always with you" - "Focus on that, especially in hard time of your journey"]

"In fact, I didn't know those words were Yours. I hadn't also realized White Kilsat until I carefully saw my internality. I told her what You silently, gradually taught me during those months and years." reminisced he.

"and you pieced out all things I taught?" asked God

"Yes, Daddy! But I always thought You guided me to do that. Because I didn't think I could do that." honestly answered Kislat.

God looked at His son and honestly, gently spoke

"You found what I tried to talk with others, but they just didn't have zeal and didn't believe enough to succeed!"

God carried on

"You had a thing that they didn't have. It helped you keep going your action until you succeeded."

Kilsat naturally looked through his counterpart as if he'd like to ask him "what was it?". The Lord explained it

"People usually want Me to make clear miracles or appear in front of their eyes to believe positively. But they don't really know Belief and Love makes Miracles happen"

Kilsat nodded repeatedly. He saw that truth during his time journey.

The 'original ego' of Kilsat raised his voice after God had stopped.

"In Kilsat's journey, Many people usually prejudiced science against God. They believed religion was unscientific and people who believed in God were unscientific or superstitious ones. That was one of the looks of eyes of prejudices!"

God lightly asked His son

"What did you say to them who believed so?"

"I just asked them that they could know how many scientists, even famous ones who also had a religion and loved their God. I just told them God had a lot of children who were skilful, talented scientists, entrepreneurs, artists, doctors...", Kilsat answered.

White Kilsat added, "How would they think and behave if their parents, friends, colleagues, relatives or their partner were those who loved and trusted God?"

"I remember there was a young man who was a successful entrepreneur. He said "God is all marvelous, best things and Religion plays first fiddle in people's mental life as well as their morality"

Kilsat turned his eyes on White Kilsat. God silently observed and listened to both of them. He didn't give any view, but mused "He who strongly believes and loves his Demiurge only realizes and sees Me"

Kilsat thought of an important relation between Beauty and scientific knowledge of human body. He emphasized,

"I used to tell people they should find out about their own body. It'd absolutely help them get most comfortable and confident. Beauty is shown on physique. Therefore, I used to ask them to pay attention to two extremely important aspects, God and science, especially science of human body."

The Lord continuously asked about Rechris, the teenage girl who sent His son the confidential letter.

"The teenage girl, she must have helped you a lot, son?"

"Yes, Daddy!" said Kilsat. "Because of her, I realized my most meaningful work. I felt a new unlimited energy inside my body and mind. I realized what I would have to do. That was the time when I realized my life's worthiness", he emotionally recollected.

"That girl 'helped' him a lot. After the first reply to the girl, Kilsat started to realize what he would have to do during his time journey", White Kilsat said. His contentedness got his voice become both mild and happy.

God knew Kilsat's 'original ego' was proud of His son. The Lord saw His son's impassioned thing. He was happy. The holy face was brighter.

"Then, I started to piece out the most important things that I had lived through and seized the essence of the matter"

He stopped awhile. God fast asked him

"You called her and made an appointment with her. Why did you have to meet her directly?"

The Lord of course knew the reason, but He wanted His son to tell it directly

"I found something very special on this girl. Something strong and burning...on her", he responded. "I really wanted her to have complete control of vital things such as what Beauty was and how to be beautiful happily. I met and talked with her directly. Because I thought she needed not only a warm-hearted helper but also a heartfelt friend" agilely responded he. He added "She used to be alone, Daddy"

White Kilsat smiled at him and chopped in

"But you made her not become beautiful!"

Kilsat just looked and gave a forced laugh at his Great Father. He squinted at his counterpart and muttered in mind


"You made her become The Most Beautiful Person in The World!"

White Kilsat gave him a bright smile. Kilsat became red in the face a bit. God hurriedly gave him an important question

"What was the most important key that helped a girl always felt ugly and self-depreciated become The Most Beautiful Person In The World?"

At this time, Kilsat was recalling the first get-together between he and the teenage girl. She looked defensive and shy of talking with him. However, Kilsat's heartiness and his lenient face set her mind at rest.

In the meantime, the Holy God in Holy Phoenix's shape was penetrating his mind. The Lord was seeing all details of the talk between them, His son and Rechris. The talk revealed a vital secret instructing and helping the girl easily overcome bad obstacles and made her miraculous achievement happen.

Kilsat, after thinking of his Father's question, he answered with an affirmative voice

"I just asked her only one question that made her see a truth. An obvious truth" He continuously affirmed "Anyone who is lenient and full of nervous energy can also become extremely beautiful with this key. Only when they know about and do this, they'll be beautiful as much as they desire."

Kilsat's eyes got bright. He slowly hit off the vital question he had asked a countless people in his earlier special journey.

"I just asked her..", he stopped a bit, "Why do you... while God...?"

He feelingly looked at the Lord, his most Lenient Dad, who was also looking in his assured eyes. He, God, used to habituate Himself to those righteous and affirmative eyes overmuch whenever His son gave anyone this question. The Lord gave a look at White Kilsat and His son. His face seemed thoughtful. He explained His sentiments.

"Kilsat, you could reveal that and give it to people. I just wanted My dear children, only lenient and pure people who were full of nervous energy, to know about that. However, many of them were impossible to find that key because they couldn't believe and love their Holy Father enough to understand that and they let slavish eyes of prejudices control their mind"

Both of them, Kilsat and his counterpart just kept silence and they penetrated God's words.

"With that vital key of Beauty, they could be beautiful as much as they wished. You helped them open their inner eyes that not only brought them Amazing Beauty", God slowly said while giving the glad eye to His son

"There're always specific differences in people's appearance. They have Unique Physique and Beauty", God added.

"But before Kilsat revealed his insight, most of the people in his journey had wanted to own the same good looks", White Kilsat explained, "They thought they were incapable of getting beautiful because they couldn't change their physique." proceeded he, "High-grade cosmetics, expensive costumes, gorgeous trimmings, even plastic surgeries couldn't also bring them true good looks, happiness and confidence that they wished."

Kilsat raised his voice and he tried to be soft-spoken

"In my journey, not all cosmetics or jewelries, beautiful clothes were bad, useless and denunciative. If people used them to please them or do useful things, it wouldn't matter. However, a lot of people, especially girl and young women, had depended on them and felt they were impossible to become beautiful without them"

Kilsat suddenly remembered Self Esteem statistics extracted from e-zines he had read before, in his time journey. He had read and scrutinized them so that he could memorize in details

{-Nearly half (47%) of Canadian girls between the ages of 10 and 17 have avoided social activities like going to the beach, participating in physical activities, going to school or giving an opinion because they feel badly about the way they look. (source)

{-New research has confirmed that a third of British women admit that they would never leave the house without their trusty beauty routine and one in five claim that applying their makeup is the most important part of their day. (source)}

{-Women feel that attending a job interview is the most stressful situation to demonstrate flawless makeup, followed by nights out and dates. 31% also admit that they feel a greater pressure to look better in the presence of other women as opposed to trying to impress a man. (source)}

{-NYC.com reports that each of us is exposed to 400-600 ads per day, an average of 40-50 million by age 60. 97% of the ads feature a woman in a degrading image. (source) 69% of girls reported (in a media study) that magazine pictures influenced their idea of the perfect body shape and 47% of them wanted to lose weight because of these ads.}

{-88% of girls feel the need to “look perfect”}

{-"Let's face it: Women aren't the only ones under pressure to look good any more. The broad shouldered, sculpted and muscular bodies of the men in the movies and "sexy men" contests have upped the male beauty quotient too." (source)}

{-Men's grooming has come to the forefront of beauty magazines in the last decade. The beginning of the "new man" and the "metrosexual" has meant that there is more pressure on men to look their best.(source)}

{-A British study revealed that 70% of women surveyed never left the house without applying makeup. the average woman will spend $13,000 on makeup in her lifetime (source). The worse matter is without makeup, what will American women say? Almost half of American women say No way! (source).}

God exactly saw statistical numbers appearing in Kilsat's head. However, only Him, the Lord, who could see the exact numbers in the real life. In His son's journey, numbers were huge.

White Kilsat wisecracked

"They thought they, cosmetics, gorgeous clothes..., even plastic surgery, were Beauty! Without them, they felt not good-looking, they couldn't even accept their natural physique. A simple syllogism, if a person only looked good-looking with face full of cosmetics and body dight with expensive costumes, without them, how could people think that person was beautiful?"

"Plastic surgery was actually a life saving miracle to people with maims, illness, health loss, wounds, loss or people with damaged face such as Connie Culp, Isabelle Dinoire or Charla Nash as well as people who were born with cleft lip and palate.", Kilsat wanted to add to his voice. He proceeded, "The matter was a huge amounts of people in my journey had surgery not because of the matter of valuable health (medical treatment), but because they didn't accept their own physique and wanted to have specific good looks (the same beauty) or look beautiful like someone whose appearance made strong impression on them, examples famous movie stars, supermodels..."

White Kilsat uncovered more

"Not only attraction relating to appearance. Fame, wealth, public's favourite of those people could also manipulate them. Others' appreciations were really important to them. Many people had to have surgery because they couldn't accept their own physique as well as others' depreciation."

Kilsat cut in,

"and that was the problem of teenage girl who sent me her letter, Daddy." Kilsat met his Holy Father's eye.

The Lord gave the glad eye to His son. He said

"You discovered the biggest difference between two eyes. They were the main reason causing many problems in their life, not only the problems of appearance." God continued His words "Eyes of prejudices harmed and 'turned off' good looks that they owned naturally. They, the ugliest eyes called "eyes of prejudices", created "Poor Beauties" and got people feel incapable of being beautiful."

Kilsat blazed away a vital thing he realized in his special journey very long time ago.

"They were primarily one of the biggest obstacles that hid Your Secret, Daddy!"

God fast told His son

"It was not a Secret, My son. I didn't hide it. Just because they couldn't open their Inner eyes, believe and listen to Me from inside, even lenient people."

Kilsat deeply understood what his Great Father was talking. God proceeded,

"Only lenient, pure people who were full of nervous energy could find it with your fervent help. They had to be strong enough to close and win the ugliest eyes, eyes of prejudices inside them as well as others."

Both Kilsat and his counterpart gave a nod of assent at the same time.

"But the most important thing that helped them, My children, be beautiful was your question you gave them, Kilsat! It was not only a question."

Kilsat smiled lightly. White Kilsat also perpetuated his unique question because he always stayed with Kilsat during the time journey anytime, anywhere. He heard Kilsat ask people all over the world the question and helped them be beautiful as they desired. He was hearing Kilsat's soft voice in his mind

["Why do you... while God...?"]

God added

"My children look different from each other because they have unique physique. No one of My Children is ugly because their images were based on My image."

White Kilsat raised his voice after God had stopped.

"There were many people who thought they weren't beautiful because they didn't look like You, their Holy Father. They saw their facial features or body shape couldn't look like Yours. Unless they looked like You, they wouldn't believe they were beautiful!"

"They misunderstood that", God kept talking "No one has to look beautiful alike or has the same good looks in order for themself to believe they are also good-looking.", "Even Gods!" emphasized He.

The Lord looked at Kilsat and asked

"Tell Me What you talked to them successively until they talked themselves, son"

Kilsat understood his Daddy's thought. He fast answered,

"I said..", he stopped awhile, "You don't have to have what others have to believe that you look beautiful"

He proceeded "Although I said, imparted, instructed a lot of valuable, useful things in order for people to get beautiful happily, even I gave them the most important KEY, someone still felt difficult to be successful, beautiful and confident". Kilsat's voice seemed slower a bit when telling His Holy Father "Many people came and asked me why. After listening and having an insight, I realized a sad thing on them."

God and White Kilsat were scrutinizing him, Both were waiting for Kilsat's words

"I realized the primary reason. They didn't deeply believed that they were God's son or daughter!". Kilsat affirmed "I told them, they just needed to believe and tell themselves they were extremely beautiful because they had an extremely beautiful Father and He was God! I also affirmed and said that people who were lenient, pure and full of nervous energy and expressly trusted God would go over big in the earliest time."

He saw his Holy Father's pellucid eyes telling He knew that like a book. He lightly finished his inwardness in a warm voice,

"and I asked them who desired to be beautiful, but still mistrusted their status '"Why do you... while God...?"' With this question, I believed they themselves would answer it and they'd realize they were 'impossible to be ugly, only possible to be beautiful!'".

White Kilsat smiled wittily. He talked to Kilsat "I followed you during your journey and heard that question in countless times. Of course, you mentioned other vital things too that made people become not only a beautiful person as they wanted but also a Super-excellent Beauty beyond their demand!". He stopped when meeting God's eyes. With a fresh smile, he said "They, vital things, helped Rechris, a gawky girl who used to believe to be ugly, become The Most beautiful Person in The World later"

Kilsat brightly smiled. God muttered while glimpsing at His son's gentle, beautiful eyes

{"You did it rightly, My dear son"}

God lightly closed His eyes and recalled what He had left word before His son entered his special journey.

["Just believe You are my child, Kilsat!" - "..Remember, the closer you can be with White Kilsat, the more marvelous the journey will be" - "You have to be the master of yourself. If you always stay with Me, you'll clearly see I am always with you" - "Focus on that, especially in hard time of your journey"]...




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