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Chapter 6A


Habitude 9

Take great interest in Beauty, but don't let your appearance affect your every aspect of your life


Beauty 'goes' with you everywhere, everytime during your life because it is shown on your physique. Other people can see beauty through your physique at the first sight, but your wealth, fame, credit, talents, personalities (that people may need time to recognize them). Beauty is really a great interest to a huge number amount of people. Furthermore, appearance is also the first thing that others think of or evaluate you (at least in their consciousness).

It's sorry to say that no small amount of individuals let their appearance tend to dominate all their other considerations. This can cause many big troubles for them.

Because too many people use eyes of prejudices and follow 'Poor beauty' (but not everyone can realize that) that harm themselves and others, their appearance gets their mind to focus on beauty problems naturally. I mean sometimes you realize that your mind, thought and eyes unconsciously, automatically concentrate on feature(s) on your face or/and body, especially, the feature(s) is considered ugly or not good-looking. Have you experienced about this? That feature(s) usually gets you disturbed and feel embarrassed, not confident. It can be your eyes, nose, lips, breast, waist measurement, skin, hair or any feature that you always feel unsatisfied, even you hate it or/and you hear others criticize it badly. I know many times, you (especially girls) really want to focus on work you are doing, but you do feel difficult (and uneasy) to do that while your mind still considers it (feature). It makes you embarrassed. This is a natural reflex, you may think so. If someone see your embarrassment at that moment and you know that, you'll feel worse. When you lose confidence, your other aspects such as school, job, relationships...will be influenced. And this is a big trouble that a lot of people have to face up to in their life.

How to deal with this trouble?

As I said in Pf scrolls, you must turn habitudes of a Super-excellent Beauty into your worthiness. Only when you become a Super-excellent Beauty, you'll not be afraid of that. Now, you're afraid of them because you get used to using eyes of prejudices (instead of inner eyes) and following worthiness of a "poor beauty'. If you don't have amazing habits (that I am revealing), you'll have to face up to those troubles. Do you really want other people to get you embarrassed when they, consciously or unconsciously, look straight at that feature(s)? How to feel very comfortable when staying in situations like that? It's really not difficult, even it's easy if you have 10 Habits I am revealing to you.

Once again, don't let your appearance affect your every aspect of your life.

A large number of teens feel they can't concentrate or feel hard to focus on their study or other activities because of their matters of appearance . Many people don't even really want to go to school, college or join outdoor activities because of beauty worries. They feel incapable of getting beautiful or difficult in accepting their outside. Without beauty habits (10 Habitudes), there'll be not small number amount of teens who have bad results in school. Awkward age easily sensitizes them to criticisms of friends and other people on their body.

This habitude 9 should be edited a bit "Take great interest in Beauty, but don't let your appearance affect your every aspect of your life and have it (beauty) increase your worthiness".

There's a big difference between a "poor beauty" and a "Super-excellent Beauty'. A "poor beauty' will let Beauty (their outside) affect their life badly (when they take great interest in Beauty) while a Super-excellent beauty won't let that happen! The more a Meridian Beauty considers his/her appearance, the better and more easily he/she concentrates on work, activities and social communications. Because they are really confident, kind-hearted, volitional and self-respecting. Actually, they own amazing habits that they always practise in daily life. They get used to them. Furthermore, they are full of nervous energy. The Most Truly Beautiful Person (or exactly called The Most Super-excellent Beauty in The World) never allows anything to abstract or embarrass him/her. They are their self master. If he/she slap-bang feels embarrassed, he/she will fast control their mind and fantastic habits will help them overcome that situation easily. However, a "Poor beauty" won't do that easily (or cannot do) because he/she mostly depends on their outside (controlled by eyes of prejudices), not the power inside. His/her eyes of prejudices will get him/her difficult (or powerless) in dealing with those obstacles. Now, I'm sure you know the reason why a pure, lenient, full of nervous energy person can easily and fast achieve the peak of Beauty. I believe that, one day, you or someone who can read these special scrolls, will be possible to become The Most Super-excellent Beauty in The World.

"Poor beauty' just brings us emptiness, tiredness, self-depreciation and even misfortune. So, get rid of conceptions, prejudices, thoughts, images of "Poor Beauties' as soon as possible. You must reach happiness of a marvelous beauty. Don't let your appearance affect your every aspect of your life. Have it (beauty) increase your worthiness.





10 Peacock Feather Scrolls (Ten Habits) to become The Most Beautiful Women, Men

Chapter 6A

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*Words such as ‘beauty’, ‘beautiful’, ‘sightliness’, ‘good looking’ "charm" are used  with men and women. Although ‘beautiful’  isn't  the most commonly used adjective for men, it is used. Moreover, information is for male, female, the young, the old…Therefore, the words “beauty” or “beautiful” are used commonly.

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