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Chapter 6A


Habit 7

Failure in Beauty? How does a Super-excellent Beauty define and beat it?


Certainly, Beauty has Success as well as Failure.

The matter is who, when and how can get Success and failure. So, the way you define them (success and failure in beauty) is really important.

Success is of course for only people who deserve it. You can see a lot of "poor beauties" in many kind of people all over the world. However, people who are Super-excellent Beauties are certainly lenient, pure and full of nervous energy. The Most Beautiful Man/Woman in The World is both the peak of beauty and a "Hero of Hearts"

Can you be one of them? I affirm: Yes, you can, absolutely, whoever you are. Because you were born to be an honest man and own a unique physique. Don't accept to be a "Poor beauty'. Try to build and practise 10 Habits first to become a Super-excellent Beauty or the best "The Most Beautiful Man/Woman". You should remember that the title "The Most Beautiful Man/Woman" must be high-spirited. This high-spirited title is absolutely different from the one people using now. Only when you finish 10 habits in these scrolls, you'll understand how "The Most Beautiful Man/Woman" is.

So, what makes you not succeed in achieving that (failure in beauty)? If you are aware of this serious matter, you can understand what beauty is and how to measure it. Beauty can be measured by yourself. You'll know well when and how you are good-looking/beautiful if you take a firm hold of this. You must have complete control of your beauty. Don't give that to anyone, but yourself. Don't wait for a (or many) praise from others to realize you're beautiful. Don't let others undervalue your appearance and get self-depreciative. One more time, have complete control of your beauty. You must be the Master of self (Habit 2).


Failure in Beauty is when You (Yourself) accept being ugly or not beautiful!

I have seen a huge amounts of people in the world who accept this badness voluntarily. Why?

Bad habits have been creating a chain reaction of  feelings and misconceptions. Bad habits of "Poor beauties". Self depreciation, fake confidence, unthoughtfulness in judging others through their appearance (and their worthiness as well). Do you remember audiences' first retroactions for a 47-year-old lady who sang "'I Dreamed A Dream" in Britain's Got Talent before (in 2009)?

Pursuing meaningless values (such as fame, lust...based on appearance of a "poor beauty"); looking at people through eyes of prejudices; beauty prejudices in beauty competitions, even plastic surgery accepted especially in many big beauty competitions and fashion in the world, boast, etc...all of them make beauty problems get worse and worse.

The eyes of prejudices (mentioned in Habit 5) are the biggest obstacle that make people accept themselves being not beautiful or even ugly! And they voluntarily accept that in their mind first. They also use these eyes to look at others and undervalue them. Of course, so do others. It's a vicious circle, no escapement. And it also is the biggest, main reason that makes them feel incapable of getting beautiful. Many parents, friends were careless to their bad criticisms they gave their children and friends. And people who heard those criticisms often suffered or kept silent because of the shame. A Super-excellent Beauty does never accept those although the critics are their old folks at home. Simply, they use inner eyes (eyes of wisdom and large-heartedness) to evaluate others, not eyes of prejudices. If you don't let inner eyes be widely opened, you'll tend to voluntarily accept others' criticisms on your appearance being true. While you have a marvelous beauty, you want to get plastic surgery to make you look 'better' because you might hear people’s bad criticisms. You don't want your beauty to be undervalued in their eyes...This was the reason why I said The Most Beautiful person in The World must get full of nervous energy to overcome those obstacles.

By defining failure of Beauty: "yourself accept being ugly or not beautiful!', a Meridian Beauty will always try to win and 'enjoy' their beauty happily, not beauty on the outside only. You'll live in the position of a Master (of self) with a controllable feeling. I can just describe this feeling briefly: Great! It is very much different from the feelings brought to you by eyes of prejudices and habits of "poor beauty".

Don't go with/follow the 'road' (life-style) of a "Poor beauty". It will lead you nowhere (meaninglessness) or plunge your life into self-depreciation and misfortunes.

Will you try to become a Super-excellent beauty or accept yourself being ugly? I wholly believe everyone always wants to be beautiful in and outside, even people (both male and female) say "I don't care my (or others') appearance/beauty". Because of a very simple thing: no one wants to see themselves ugly in and outside. And no one wants themselves (their worthiness) to be undervalued. Someone cannot take a great interest in their look, but they will feel undervalued (at work, home, public...) when hearing bad criticisms about their physique. Many men who (may) never hold of much account their appearance/body can also feel undervalued when others (for example, their lover) depreciate their physique or compare their attraction/body with other men. Have you ever been in that situation? If yes, they were using their eyes of prejudices to judge you and that became their bad habit.

Never give up being a beautiful person out and inside, and never accept failure of beauty. Using eyes of prejudices to evaluate self and others (instead of inner eyes) is a certain failure. Why is this a failure? Can a person who doesn't accept their look and even 'voluntarily' undervalues their appearance be a successful and beautiful person? No successful person holds themselves cheap!

The Most Beautiful Person in The World, absolutely, never accepts himself or herself being not beautiful or ugly. The words such as 'ugly', 'not beautiful'...are not in their 'dictionary'. They define failure in the best way that can bring them power, not weakness. Only when they "accept being ugly or not beautiful', they'll be a loser. So, don't let anything get you down or stop you from becoming a Super-excellent Beauty, a marvelous beauty.

You must be The Master of self! A successful Master!

But how?

Just build and practise this habit (think, believe and only accept you're a beautiful person) and other habits of a Super-excellent Beauty now.





10 Peacock Feather Scrolls (Ten Habits) to become The Most Beautiful Women, Men

Chapter 6A

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*Words such as ‘beauty’, ‘beautiful’, ‘sightliness’, ‘good looking’ "charm" are used  with men and women. Although ‘beautiful’  isn't  the most commonly used adjective for men, it is used. Moreover, information is for male, female, the young, the old…Therefore, the words “beauty” or “beautiful” are used commonly.

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