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Chapter 6A


Habit 6

Overcome All of Bad Feelings On Your Appearance and Make Changes Successively until You're Extremely Beautiful!


"Make Changes Successively until You're Extremely Beautiful", I never mean that you change clothes, cosmetics, hair styles, etc... I mean Changes inside you, they are methods, conceptions that help you deal with your Beauty problems (in order for you to be extremely beautiful)!

This is the most important method to become an extremely beautiful man/woman, even The Most Truly Beautiful Person in the World.

Success needs consideration, actions, trials, selections, improvements, experiences, knowledge, even failures (I'll talk about failures of Beauty in a different part later). Thomas A. Edison said:

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

A Super-excellent Beauty (not a ‘Poor Beauty’) will absolutely have to pass through this 'journey': consideration, actions, trials, selections, improvements, experiences, knowledge, and failures to achieve and keep their marvelous Beauty. You'll usually ‘talk’ with yourself (think, analyze, demonstrate and deduce) to choose, change, improve and seek the best method successively in order to speak to your own natural beauty, your worthiness. If you’re successful, you'll certainly be the Master of self after this extraordinary 'journey'.

I use the word "journey" because you need time...

The Secret that helps you become a Super-excellent Beauty (an extremely beautiful person) is: Make Changes Successively until You're Extremely Beautiful!

The Most Beautiful Person In The World is the person who does that 24/7, everytime, everywhere successively until he or she absolutely speaks to his or her marvelous Inside and Outside!

What about a “Poor Beauty”? They will never do that or won’t be patient enough to do that because of their biggest obstacles: their eyes of prejudices and bad habits of a “Poor Beauty” that harm and turn off their own beauty and beatiful things.

Watch out your feelings. Do you have any idea about Attractive Photo Effects? They, effects, can create false 'ideal images’ or ‘perfect look’. You could read some articles or watch some videos that mentioned this. You try typing "photoshop fake" into Youtube’s or Google’s search bar and you'll see photographers do effects spectacularly. So, watch out (some) pictures, banners or ad clips on TVs, magazines...because your feelings can be 'gagged'. When your feelings are 'sold', your conception, experiences, impressions will easily change. Most of the people, especially girls, believe in these images without impugnment (unless they clearly see edited parts). Their definition and outlook of beauty will be influenced by these unreal images. This is certainly “Poor Beauty”. People can become totally disillusioned with real image when comparing it with the image edited by skilled photographers.

A Meridian Beauty never gets us insecure. This Beauty always makes us happy and rosy. It urges us 'pursue the truth'. But if you 'pursue the untruthfulness", 'Poor Beauty' will make you live with haze, even panic. “Poor Beauty’ and its issues will affect every aspect of your life (study, career, love, health, other social relationships.)

Because Amazing Beauties have the second habit, they can control realization (nous) and feelings well. They have right conception and effective methods that help them have great feelings on their appearance. Therefore, if they realize they have a wrong conception, they’ll try to figure out and change it at once. Their desire of being wonderfully beautiful makes them take action fast.

And when their conception changes, their personalities will change as people often say. Actually, when conception changes, habits and behaviour will change and there'll be changes in personalities like a chain reaction. So, their life will change.

No small amount of individuals desire fame and success fast and easily (in bad meanings). They really want to make a strong impression on crowded public to achieve those in life, particularly young women/men working on the world of showbiz. They desire a 'perfect, ideal look' so that it can destroy their natural body, face and health as well as their mental life. What does a failed plastic surgery bring them? Deformed facial features. Body changes (damaged breast forms, for example).  However, damage of mentality is much more considerable. What about a successful one (plastic surgery)? Most of them don't want others to uncover their surgery and judge them. Some famous cosmetics company had to stop working with models, actors whose secret was revealed because of fear of losing prestige.

It will be a serious unfairness if we suppose all people who have had plastic surgery 'pursue the untruthfulness' or have bad personalities at all. There're many different reasons getting them to make their decisions and they take responsibility for their beauty decisions anyway. Do you remember what I mentioned in the second habitude?

I honestly hope you do never pursue/follow 'Poor Beauty'. Pursue the peak of Beauty, a Super-excellent/Amazing Beauty. Therefore, Try to Overcome All of Bad Feelings On Your Appearance and Make Changes Successively until You're Extremely Beautiful! (habit 6).  If you build 10 Habits I am giving to you, you'll never trouble about your unique beuaty.

The most interesting question is: "Does The Most Beautiful Person in The World (and a Super-excellent Beauty) trouble about his/her appearance?". Mostly, the answer is 'No' because they frequently practice and take a firm hold of 10 Habits and their valuable health. Even if sometimes he/she feels insecure (with any reason), he/she'll know how to overmaster it easily. He/she has marvelous habits helping them reach the peak of Beauty, and always believes in himself/herself, full of nervous energy. He/she doesn't need to worry how others look at, evaluate/judge and preoccupy him/her. If a person still worry about others' valuation on their appearance, he/she is really haunted by 'Poor Beauty'. The Most Beautiful Person in The World always trusts their beauty (in and outside) even if they don't have good feelings on their appearance (matter of health will be mentioned later). I mean it’s not important if you have good or bad feelings on your appearance. It’s primarily important for you to overcome all of bad feelings and make changes successively.

Most of the people find it's (too) hard for them to see and believe that they're beautiful when they have bad feelings on their physique/appearance.

They let those feelings 'beat' them...

Beauty iis usually sensed through feelings, but a Meridian Beauty won’t absolutely let feelings direct and determine his/her good looks. So, you should beware of feelings relating to 'poor beauty'. If you haven't had habits of a Super-excellent Beauty, you’ll easily have bad feelings on your appearance because of the influence of eyes of prejudices and  habits of “Poor Beauty”. If you replace bad habits (that cause bad feelings), good feelings will appear, you'll feel good about your beauty, necessarily.

Feelings are able to indicate what you are doing (your conception/methods about beauty) are right/proper (if you feel happy, confident) or wrong/improper (if you feel insecure and unconfident). 'Listen' to your feelings and change methods successively until You feel happily Beautiful!

If you truly feel confident, easy, comfortable, active, even excited, you already have the best, most suitable method to be extremmely beautiful.  A Super-excellent Beauty will always look for the best way, the most efficient methods to become happily beautiful until they are the master of their beauty (and their life). Try as many different ways as you can, any methods until you feel Beauty is a simple and easy thing. I am providing you the most efficient one, 10 extraordinary habits that make you become extremely beautiful, happy and wealthy.

What about wrong methods? Just remember, any methods that lead you to "poor beauty' and make eyes of prejudices (instead of Inner Eyes) opened widely are improper ones. So, avoid or discard those methods at once if you don't wanna feel incapable, insecure, unconfident, even painful.

One of the biggest problems is: you want to look beautiful like someone or have the same good/amazing looks (meet beauty standards). This is the worst method (way) to become beautiful.  You must be beautiful in your own natural way. If not, you can not avoid bad feelings and pressures or stress. Change/discard that terrible method (first in your mind) and start with 10 Habits of a Meridian Beauty. Don't be a "Poor Beauty" while you can reach the beauty peak. You know, some people who used to be called Miss/Mr World, The Most Beautiful Person...were actually "Poor Beauties". Their scandals, their terrible behaviours, opinions or their life styles 'told' us that. Don't confound between a "Super-excellent Beauty" and a "Poor Beauty". There is always a huge difference between them (both in and outside). Two of the main signs to distinguish them are Real Happiness and Meaningfulness.

Do you remember what I said in habit 3: "can the person whose beauty made a special impression help you get beautiful? Yes, if they are a Meridian Beauty, not a "poor beauty...". A Meridian Beauty is certainly beautiful not only outside but also inside. You may absorb good things from them and turn those into your own things, forte. A person who inspires humans is really great and that is considered a gift. Never imitate their beauty, or want to look good-looking like them because that will lead you to "Poor beauty" and cause many troubles for you. You know your physique is unique. If you don't feel insecure, tired, bored at present, you'll feel meaningless in the future, especially when you’re advanced in age. The Most Beautiful Person in The World will never want to live in/follow a different person's look or life. He/she just wants to be The Master of self.

Change feelings, conception, methods successively until You're really Beautiful! I never mean that you change clothes, cosmetics, hair styles, etc... Because a Super-excellent Beauty doesn't depend on those things (habit 2). You can change clothes, cosmetics, hair styles or jewelries...to feel new or more interesting, but never depend on them to try to believe you're beautiful. New research has confirmed that a third of British women admit that they would never leave the house without their trusty beauty routine and one in five claim that applying their makeup is the most important part of their day. Improper methods will lead you to feelings of "poor beauty" as I said. And clothes, costumes, cosmetics, trimmings...are not the Root of your beauty problem! Real problem is inside you.

Changes often bring us an insecure feeling first because we aren't used to them (and we haven't completely understood it yet). However, you'll be comfortable and confident when you have complete control of new method, habits and conception. The matter is whether you hold out until you're the winner.





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Chapter 6A

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*Words such as ‘beauty’, ‘beautiful’, ‘sightliness’, ‘good looking’ "charm" are used  with men and women. Although ‘beautiful’  isn't  the most commonly used adjective for men, it is used. Moreover, information is for male, female, the young, the old…Therefore, the words “beauty” or “beautiful” are used commonly.

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