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Chapter 6A


Habit 4

Pursue The Truth, Both In And Outside!


The Most Beautiful Person in The World absolutely pursues values of the truth. Truth is one of the moral values that a lenient and pure person owns. This is also another reason helping them become a Super-excellent Beauty easily.

If you frequently practise habit 1-2-3, they'll become your values. I mean when you trust your own beauty, you're active, you take 100% responsibility for beauty decisions and you're confident, you'll never think of any surgeries.

As I said, plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery were a life saving miracle to those who have serious hurts such as Ms Connie Culp or Isabelle Dinoire. People like them need helps from talented surgeons. If a person loses his leg, he'll/she'll have to have talented surgeons make a prosthetic appliance. If his/her nose is cut off like Aesha Mohammadzai ’s situation (an idol of many women), he'll/she'll need an areconstructive surgery to rebuild a new nose. If a person loses teeth, they'll need false teeth. Children born with cleft lip and palate can have surgeons repair these defects...What about a person who has a normal health, lacks of confidence in their beauty (the outside) wants to get plastic or cosmetic surgeons to make them look (more) beautiful?

Not all of people have a plastic surgery to look like someone. Not all of them want a plastic/cosmetic surgery to become famous or develop career or change their life. They have many different reasons to have a surgery.

Most of people with normal health have a plastic surgeon change and make their face, body look better as they wish. Many people think and say that beauty brings human confidence, happiness, even wealth. But if a person (with a healthy physique) is truly confident, why does he/she need a surgery and after that, why does he/she often want to hide his/her plastic surgery? Most people had a plastic surgery don’t want others (even their family members and intimate friends) to know about their surgery. People easily realize that not all plastic surgeries are successful and not all patients satisfy with their new appearance after the surgery. We all know that Real Confidence and Happiness will come from mind, soul, thought, knowledge, conception, personality, especially from a strong will. This is another reason that can make a lenient and pure person who are full of nervous energy easily ‘reach’ the peak of Beauty and become a Meridian/Amazing Beauty.

Another question, you’re beautiful because of your self-assurance or vice versa, you’re confident because of your good-looking physique?

Super-excellent Beauties or The Most Beautiful Person in The World always think they don’t need or wait for Beauty to get self-assurance. This means they HAVE TO be beautiful and confident. This is really the biggest difference between a Meridian Beauty and a “Poor Beauty”. A ‘poor beauty’ always thinks he/she is only possible to get confident if he/she’s good-looking. In other words, he or she must look good first and then, he/she’ll be self-assured. If you also think like that, it’s very difficult for you to see your beauty and others’ beauty. That is also the reason many people want a plastic surgery to feel good about themselves, feel confident or ‘lock’ insecurity away inside them. You’ll be provided with important things to become a Super-excellent Beauty in these scrolls.

A lot of people who have had a surgeon change their look feel worse, more unconfident and they could suffer from stress. A huge amounts of young women, even young men (teens in particular) wish to own 'a perfect look' of a movie star, a supermodel, or an idol whose appearance has made a strong impression on them. This is often the main reason that causes mental pressure in their life. Many of them want to change their face or body based on those ‘ideal’ images. However, after the sugery, the ideal image in their mind can be absolutely different from the real image (their new appearance) they own. This brings them dissatisfaction and self-depreciation. The beauty problem will seriously get worse if the surgery is failed.

The following information about plastic surgery is very helpful for you if you're a person who want to change your outside. Before making a decision, you should answer the following questions,

  • What will you do if you don't look beautiful as you wish/think (after the surgery) or if your surgery is failed?
  • Do you want to hide your surgery because you are afraid of that others will discover the truth and they will undervalue you? Most of people’ll have stress, pressure worse (after the surgery) when they have to (or want to) cover up their plastic surgery.
  • Will you tell others about this surgery if you are asked? How will their reactions be? What will you do if they judge you?
  • Result of plastic surgery doesn't last long. Have you ever thought about result of surgery in the future?

You should in advance prepare for facing these situations in the future. No one ensures you'll be 100% satisfied and beautiful after the plastic surgery. In addition, your health can be affected, it may not be normal after a complicated surgery. There were a large number of people who desponded after their surgery because they couldn't have beauty they wanted. Some of them had to suffer a mental problem after the surgery because of the bad surgery result.

Many people may think "Pursue the truth and look ugly naturally?". No small amounts of people believe "man-made beauty is much better than natural ugliness!". Feeling incapable of getting beautiful and extremely hard to accept their outside may make them think like that. Why don’t we think "pursue the truth and become a beautiful person, even a Meridian Beauty"? No-one will worry about that because in the next habits I’ll reveal it. I'll help and guide you how to do that during these scrolls as long as you must practise this habit (and others too) frequently: Pursue the truth, both outside and inside. It is not easy. It can make us feel really upset. However, it make you extremely beautiful and even more.

Do you think an open-hearted, lenient and pure person can easily have the miracle achievement of beauty? If someone asks me about this, it's absolutely a 'Yes' from me!

We know there're many models, movie stars, singing idols, even contestants who join big beauty competitions...had a or some plastic surgeries. Some of advertisers have had these people represent their beauty products, services or become their spokesman. Many people think it's ridiculous. Because if someone (a customer) wants to become beautiful like models in ads, they'll not only use those products but also must have a plastic surgery like models. What do you think about this?

How do The Most Beautiful Women, Men in The World answer the following questions:

-"Pursue the Truth" but still not beautiful?

=> “NO WAY!", he or she'll affirm that.

-Do you want to have a plastic surgery in order to look younger or more perfect, especially when you get older?

=> “Never! How can I really trust and confident in myself if I am afraid of that matter?”

-But many people, especially artists...had plastic surgery and they look younger and hotter? What do you think?

=> “Really? But were/are they truly happier, more confident? Are you sure they aren't under the pressure? How long do they/you think they can keep looking hot, young and beautiful?”

-So, how long do you think you can keep looking young and beautiful?

=> “Forever!"

-"Forever? It’s impossible! You're so confident! Can you reveal your secret?

=> “No, I'm not so confident as the way you think. I just exactly know what can bring me that. I always practise Ten Habits everyday, even every minute, especially this habit 'Pursue The Truth”. If you do this daily, one day you can also say ‘Forever!’ just like me.”

-What are different meanings of 'Pursue the Truth'?

=> “Honest, Real Confidence, True Happiness and Success; and Other Personalities”

-Make it easy to understand, please?

=> “Try to become a lenient and pure person who are full of nervous energy”.


The last thing I'd like to say, Natural Beauty or Mand-made Beauty is still not the main matter. Both must face with many different problems. However, a person who doesn't really want to have any plastic/cosmetic surgery may have more power to solve them.

The main matter is whether you have power enough to 'win/overcome' beauty problems or not.

So, you should start to practise this habit as soon as possible. Think of it deeply and let it become your habit and worthiness.





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Chapter 6A

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*Words such as ‘beauty’, ‘beautiful’, ‘sightliness’, ‘good looking’ "charm" are used  with men and women. Although ‘beautiful’  isn't  the most commonly used adjective for men, it is used. Moreover, information is for male, female, the young, the old…Therefore, the words “beauty” or “beautiful” are used commonly.

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