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Chapter 6A


Habit 3

Be yourself. You have Unique Physique and Beauty


We can seek no Two People are exactly alike, even identical twins. They are not 100% genetically identical! And remember, your beauty on the outside is shown on your physique. It relates to your facial features and body shape. It relates to inside, too. However, our focus is the outside that people take great interest in.

The main matter is too many people want to live in others' images, not in their real image. They want to become beautiful, look like someone whom they admire, adore, and especially someone who has made a strong impression on them (examples, a movie star, a famous model or an idol, etc...). If a person doesn’t feel himself or herself good-looking, he or she will often want or desire to own another's beautiful appearance. Many people even don’t or can’t accept their image of natural physique. The young, especially teens, is easily influenced by ‘messages of beauty’ broadcasted from TV, magazines, fashion shows, movies, commercial ads and other cultural items. Social networks, forums, blogs, ezines…are also important channels to broadcast those ‘messages of Beauty’. A large number of teens think Beauty is to be thin and without flaws. They often forget or don’t usually think of the beauty without depending on the outside. In fact, exactly they don’t know about this. Their body will grow rapidly and change considerably. Many teens wonder “why do I feel so ugly? is it abnormal?”. This is not difficult to understand. They, teens or the young, have unconsciously absorbed definitions, conceptions, outlooks, judgements and prejudices about Beauty. Actually, bad comments, jokes given from other people really get them stressed, unconfident and make the matter of appearance become worse and worse. You can see “NYC.com reports that each of us is exposed to 400-600 ads per day, an average of 40-50 million by age 60. 97% of the ads feature a woman in a degrading image. (source) 69% of girls reported (in a media study) that magazine pictures influenced their idea of the perfect body shape and 47% of them wanted to lose weight because of these ads.” and “88% of girls feel the need to “look perfect” in some self-esteem statistics.

Do you feel tired or powerless because you can not change your face or body to look beautiful as you wish? Feeling powerless will lead to hopelessness. This is the main reason why too many people have to suffer from stress of their outside. They can’t talk about this with anyone because of shame.

The Most Beautiful Person, Meridian Beauty NEVER wants to look (beautiful) like anyone. They also don’t want people to compare similarities between them and a different person. They really want to own a face, a body, a beauty that is unique (in fact, they own it naturally). They want to live in their own way. They want to be themselves. They know themselves inside and out. They never mind whether they look like another one. They never wish to have another person’s beauty. They know it's useless, meaningless, boring and tiring to imitate or turn into another person because that will make them waste time, money, health and other valuable things. Not only the outside. You can learn, absorb good things from others, but imitating (expressions on face, facial features..) or turning into themselves and becoming their 'copy' will absolutely cause you many bad problems in your life, particularly in mental health issues. No small number of people (male and female) have decided to have plastic surgery change their facial features in order to look like their idol, movie star. Someone's appearance can impress on you and you feel them adorable. You want to model them and may wish to be beautiful just like them. It'll be great if you absorb and carefully choose good things from them that can suit and help you better. But having good looks the same as someone is a meaningless thing, even a disaster. Why?

Too many people want to have others' outside/appearance such as height, facial features, body shape. A lot of people want to have beautiful eyes of a Miss World. Others want to have a great nose of a supermodel or a 'perfect' body of a famous movie star. Especially, someone would love to turn into their idol. Naturally, we cannot change our face, some body parts. What about a plastic surgery? Before you make a decision on having any plastic surgery, you should ask yourself if a surgeon can wholly ensure to satisfy your demands, wish. In fact, they can't even assure you'll absolutely become beautiful as you wish. How about cosmetics, even professional makeups? Do you think they're good solutions? A lot of girls and women are afraid or tired of looking at their (natural) face in mirror after removing make-up. They're aslo afraid of other people seeing them without embellishment. Do you think that is real beauty and confidence? Do you know nearly half of women in the U.S. said they felt unattractive, naked when they weren't wearing makeup? (in a study done by the Renfrew Center Foundation). Therefore, you'll absolutely feel incapable of changing your facial features and body shape. And feeling powerless will gradually bring you hopelessness. Hopelessness and unconfidence can gradually destroy your life if the power of your inside (will) is weak. A main question is given: can the person whose beauty made a special impression on you help you get beautiful? Yes, if they are a Meridian Beauty, not a "poor beauty". A Meridian Beauty is certainly beautiful not only outside but also inside. You may absorb (not imitate) amazing things from them and turn those into your own things. A person who inspires anyone is really great and that is considered a gift. But don’t try to imitate their look even if they are extremely beautiful. The situationbeauty matter will get worse and worse if you want to have their own good looks because all will just lead you to "Poor beauty" and cause many troubles for you.


Because the main reason is your facial features, body shape are certainly unique and different from theirs. A lot of people looking at mirror think about, imagine and wish to own another’s image. No small amount of ones decide to change their image (get plastic surgery) to satisfy their desire. Many people have had surgery change their physique to look like celebrities. Someone explained the reason “Because people look up to celebrities” (nicknamed Just Me on Yahoo), “ It's all psychological really and celebrities represent this perfect lifestyle from money to looks ideally. Thus people want to look like them.” (alimlxedup) or “They've been brainwashed by the media into thinking that this is the only legitimate kind of beauty.” (nicknamed LindaLou). Of course, not all of plastic or cosmetic surgeries are meaningless and denounced. Furthermore, not all people get a surgery to look like celebrities or someone else. There were people with maims, illness, health loss, wounds, loss, damaged face…who really needed plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery to recover. These kinds of surgery in this situation was a life saving miracle to them (such as Connie Culp, Isabelle Dinoire…mentioned in the previous Habit). But if a person have a plastic surgery because of their unconfidence in appearance, it’ll totally be another. You may not feel insecure, tired, bored at present, but you'll feel meaningless, tired in the future, especially when you have years of age. The Most Beautiful Person in The World never wants to live in another person's image or life. He or she just wants to be himself/herself and the Master of his or her life. So, how to be yourself?

To the beauty, people are easy to be themselves when they believe in their own beauty (habit 1) and try to be active, take 100% Responsibility for their Beauty Decisions (habit 2). Therefore, you should practise these habits as soon as possible. The sooner you get active, the faster and simpler you can avoid your troubles of appearance and deal with them.

How to make any new habit? Simply, practise the new habit frequently until you wholly get it and can unmake the old one. Practise this third habit in the soonest time as you can. What benefits will you have? Not only a good-looking appearance. You'll achieve more fantastic things with this great habit.





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Chapter 6A

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*Words such as ‘beauty’, ‘beautiful’, ‘sightliness’, ‘good looking’ "charm" are used  with men and women. Although ‘beautiful’  isn't  the most commonly used adjective for men, it is used. Moreover, information is for male, female, the young, the old…Therefore, the words “beauty” or “beautiful” are used commonly.

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