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Chapter 6A


Habit 2

Be Active! Taking 100% Responsibility for Your (Beauty) Decisions


Your Beauty doesn't need acknowledgement. That means you don't need and NEVER wait for any praise to trust yourself and feel confident. If you are only confident because someone directly or indirectly commends your appearance, that's absolutely a fake confidence. Your beauty doesn't depend on others' feelings or thoughts, even judgements of your lover, your husband or wife...

Have you ever thought (especially in your subconsciousness) you are beautiful only when all or most of the people acknowledge that? The Super-excellently Beautiful Person will not let others' judgements determine his/her Marvelous Beauty. That is their strong desire, not their uppishness. Beauty is for people full of nervous energy. Be the Master of your own natural beauty!

Too many people, especially the young, are under the pressure of society opinion. In a statistic report, they said "each of us is exposed to 400-600 ads per day, an average of 40-50 million by age 60. 97% of the ads feature a woman in a degrading image. 69% of girls reported (in a media study) that magazine pictures influenced their idea of the perfect body shape and 47% of them wanted to lose weight because of these ads.". Without this important habit, people surely feel bad overpressure. I often call "fiddle-faddle overpressure".

The main reason?

Because they don't primarily have the first habit “Trust Your Own Beauty”! This is one of the most important habits for you to be extremely beautiful! You’ll absolutely get confident after taking a firm hold of your Beauty through 10 important things (also 10 habits) that I’m giving to you. Now, your matter is whether you do know and have important habits of a Super-excellent Beauty or not. Without these habits, you'll not be able to accountable for your Beauty, your life; you'll overuse cosmetics with noisome chemicals, plastic surgeries...to make you unconfidently beautiful. How can a person be truly confident when he/she has to get someone (a surgeon) to own a different body or face in order to find feelings of beauty, self-assurance? And you know, a man-made beauty is a beauty depending on others' ideas, interests, acknowledgement and even others’ hands because a scalpel is controlled by someone who you give your beauty’s destiny.

I’ll show you exact, clear signs that indicate you're absolutely assured your Beauty in next parts. And if you are The Most Beautiful Person, what signs will let you know that? That means you'll know what your real confidence is.

A Person with a Meridian Beauty doesn't depend on any (expensive) cosmetics, gorgeous costumes or modern beauty technologies. This is quite simple! If you are in front of a huge crowd who are staring at your face, body and without makeups, thriftless dressings, what will you feel? Do you feel self-confident or anxious about your appearance? Others' criticisms (and your self-critic, especially) make you depressed, self depreciating? At that time, you’ll see clearly what your real confidence is. If you follow Rule 2 of Habit 1 “Trust Your Own Beauty” frequently, you'll easily carry through that bad situation. In next parts, I will help you deal with those difficulties (criticisms).

A true beauty isn't conditional upon anything but vital habits, best methods and a special Truth (that will be shown later). You can use cosmetics (but you should think of their influences to your health because of their chemicals), fashion clothing, expensive jewelries to please yourself as long as you do not depend on them. However, if you can not believe in your appearance or even feel bad, ugly (without them), you’ll need 10 important things (10 habits) mentioned in this scroll. Without these habits, your beauty matter will get worse. A British study revealed that 70% of women surveyed never left the house without applying makeup. The average woman will spend $13,000 on makeup in her lifetime . The worse matter is, without makeup, what will American women say? Almost half of American women say ‘No way’ ! Be active! Be the Master of your own Beauty.

Take 100% Responsibility for Your Beauty Decisions. A truly beautiful person doesn't ever let his/her own beauty be decided by anyone, but himself/herself. No one has right to ask (even force) you to get beautiful in their own ways, their thoughts. Look at many famous singers, actors, actresses. Many among them have 'destroyed' their natural beauty and valuable health because they can't live with their own ideas. Many have overused plastic surgeries to look more beautiful, younger and become more special. They are living with others' wish, pretension, outlook. In fact, they can't accept themselves. Many people have had plastic or cosmetic surgery because they want to have good self-esteem and/or try to please or impress people. Some of them have had plastic surgery because they have their own standards of beauty. Prejudices, desires, gauges of Beauty, a perfect body have grown upon their thoughts (especially in deep subconsciousness) and 'helped' them define how the beautiful is, and how the ugly is.

A lot of young girls, women, even men, are influenced by 'ideal images' on ads. We temporarily skip visual effects such as fake photoshop, makeups that make a "Poor Beauty" (this term will be explained in next parts and you should avoid it). In a report, one thousand five hundred and forty (77%) of two thousand girls in the UK and the US aged between 10 and 14 felt fat, ugly and depressed when comparing themselves with pictures of beautiful models and celebrities. They described themselves by negative words such as ‘disgusting’ and ‘ugly’ (source) . Of course, people who are influenced by 'ideal images' on ads will try to 'adjust' their appearance based on those images. They easily absorb definitions of beauty made by many advertisers, cosmetics companies, beauty salons, movies, fashion shows, etc... However, it's sad to say most of those images are 'Poor Beauty' that can cause many serious problems for their body and soul. You can not stop watching ads on TVs, webs or magazines, but you can actively control your mind, choose and absorb good things as well as object to wrong thoughts, conceptions and demonstrations of 'Poor Beauty'. You must be active because there're too many people who are absorbing, learning and especially modelling misconceptions of beauty unconsciously and passively. You'll easily be one of them if you're passive.

What will you be accountable for as well as active on?

• your conceptions and demonstrations of beauty. If your conception is right, it must help you become amazingly beautiful in and outside. Contrarily, it will get you stressed, not confident and unhappy. You can change your mind (with wrong conceptions) by choosing and learning right ones from books, magazines, internet or a Super-excellent Beauty you know. Ten important things (also 10 habits) I am giving to you are really the best choice. Why? They bring you a real beauty that no cosmetics, jewelries and even plastic or cosmetic surgery can make.

• your feelings on your appearance. Feeling good or bad, beautiful or ugly is your own choice. You yourself have to decide that. Ten habits of a Super-excellent will certainly bring you fantastic feelings if you practice and make them daily. Through these vital habits, you’ll increase your power of inside. If you are suffering pressures on your appearance, ten habits will help you overcome them easily. Sure!

• important beauty decisions (with your doctor’s consultation) such as losing or gaining weight, having plastic or cosmetic surgery… because these matters can seriously influence your valuable health.

• how your look is. Others can give you advice, but can't impose you to be beautiful in their favourite way. A lot of artists, music and movie stars have to live under the pressures of public opinions when trying to be beautiful in the public eye. This is one of main signs of 'Poor Beauty' that absolutely makes you unhappy and stressed. If they (artists) don't or can’t look beautiful as people think, they will easily feel unaccepted. If a person has to live and take much interest in others’ judgment, criticism, they will gradually lose themselves and suffer pressures.

• your styles (of hair, fashion, makeup, costumes…). Of course, you can make any reference from others, but make choices by yourself. However, being active and taking 100% responsibility for beauty decisions don't wholly mean you can do everything without respecting others. This is one of the reasons why I said the lenient and pure people could easily climb the peak of Beauty. Without respecting others, you'll never be beautiful. Many people misunderstand that an individual (mostly a woman) who wears makeup is really a self-respected person. There are many men and even women saying “women who don't wear makeup have no self-respect and are lazy and look like they don't make an effort”. It’s so ridiculous to think and say so! This is really an unjustifiable and preposterous verdict. If this is correct, all or most women (the young, the old) are not self-respecting or low self-esteemed when they don’t wear any makeup! If so, will all women have to primp themselves up 24/7 during their life to be self-esteemed sisters, friends, lovers, wives, mothers or grandmothers? Everybody respects self-respected people and no one can become a self-respected person just because of their outside full of makeup! The Most Beautiful Person in The World or a Super-excellent Beauty doesn’t need to wear any makeup to become extremely beautiful and self-esteemed! There’ll not be anyone who will be called “The Most Beautiful Person in The World” depending on cosmetics, expensive costumes, jewelries…and their outside! A simple syllogism, if you are only good-looking with a face full of cosmetics and a body dighted with expensive costumes, without them, how can you be beautiful?

What don't you (an amazing beauty) depend on?

• Cosmetics, makeups

• Surgery that can change your physique. The Most Beautiful Person in The World never needs any plastic or cosmetic surgery unless it relates to their valuable health (medical treatment). And the same for sn Amazing Beauty. God makes us unique, natural and beautiful. However, people with maims, illness, health loss, wounds, loss...are exceptions. Examples, children born with cleft lip and palate, people with damaged faces (such as Connie Culp, Isabelle Dinoire or Charla Nash). Plastic surgery in this situation was a life saving miracle to them.

• Thriftless costumes, trimmings

• Weight. This is a matter of health primarily. Real Beauty doesn't depend on weight while 'Poor Beauty' does. The Most Beautiful Person in The World thinks that body weight is not the matter of beauty, it's the matter of health. That’s a very clear discrimination. They think their weight doesn’t make them look beautiful/ugly. They always follow Rule 1 “Trust Your Own Beauty” that makes them confident in appearance. Why don't you think like an Amazing Beauty? This is one of the positive thoughts of a Super-excellent Beauty. Lenient and pure People will never call others 'fat' or worse “obese”, 'weedy' or ‘too skinny’ disrespectfully because that is absolutely a bad behaviour or the lousy one. The reason why a lenient and pure people can easily become a Super-excellent Beauty, even The Most Beautiful Person because they don't usually think of and use the bad words like that to undervalue others. They know that those words don't help them become beautiful, they even make them get ugly both in and outside. The same as one person who wants to be rich and successful, they won't think of and absorb words related to poverty and failure. They'll use beautiful and energized words (also called ‘positive words’) such as 'rich, wealth, millionaire, billionaire, good, make money, get rich, excellent, success...' to encourage themselves to reach the great success! They will avoid and get rid of bad words that can make them (and others) tired, bored, disappointed, sorrow, even angry such as 'poor, poverty, bad, stupid, failed, difficult, impossible, untalented, can not, failure, powerless, incapable...’ The Super-excellent Beauty will use amazing words, phrases such as 'beauty, beautiful, excellent, the most beautiful, Super-excellent, true beauty, real beauty, fantastic beauty, the peak of beauty, great appearance, so good, so good-looking, genial, lenient person, great personalities, fantastic look, believe, strongly, I’m beautiful, good looks...' everyday, everywhere to have a meaningful beauty (a Humane Beauty) or get the meaningful and wonderful title "The Most Beautiful Person in The World" related to “Humane Beauty”, not the title "The Most Beautiful Person in The World" related to “Poor Beauty” (you’ll well understand these terms in next parts). This is also the reason lenient, pure, full of nervous energy people are usually beautiful inside out!

• A Super-excellent/Amazing Beauty doesn’t depend on other people's feelings, prejudices, thoughts...Prejudices that absolutely harm human beings’ life and values make 'Poor Beauties'.

• Age. The Super-excellent Beauty won't let their age affect their gifted Beauty. Simply, you are beautiful at any age. A Super-excellent Beauty, especially The Most Beautiful Person, always thinks he/she is young at any age. Actually, this thought (like a habit) makes them look really younger. Do you know about this?

• Colour of your skin. Red, black, white, brown or yellow, whatever. That means you're beautiful whatever your skin color is. Furthermore, you have good looks whatever your nationality, race, country is. Remember, your real skin color tells people about your root (origination). Do you love your own origination? Many people realize that a “Poor Beauty” will try to change his/her real skin colour to look (more) beautiful, attractive and fashionable because of prejudices. With ten important things I’m giving to you, one day you’ll see that, changing your skin color (because of prejudices) is meaningless.

• Sexuality. Beauty isn't incident to any sexuality. Beauty is for Human Beings. Anyone following and practising Ten things of my way can also climb the Peak of Human Beauty, even become "The Most Beautiful Person"

• Other things (such as education, financial conditions...)

One very special thing, The Most Truly Beautiful Man or Woman In The World and a Super-excellent/Amazing Beauty KNOWS that his or her OUTSIDE (such as facial features and body shape) DO NOT INFLUENCE his or her BEAUTY! In other words, he or she doesn't depend on their outside in order to be extremely beautiful. Only when you have all of ten extraordinary things that I am giving to you, you can understand this marvelous thing by yourself. Remember deeply:


A question "So, what does a Beauty depend on?". This question will be answered in next important parts. Its answer is one of the most important things that makes your Beauty.

The Most Beautiful Woman/Man In The World and Meridian Beauties are absolutely active, take 100% responsibilities for their beauty decisions and don’t depend on their outside.





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Chapter 6A

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*Words such as ‘beauty’, ‘beautiful’, ‘sightliness’, ‘good looking’ "charm" are used  with men and women. Although ‘beautiful’  isn't  the most commonly used adjective for men, it is used. Moreover, information is for male, female, the young, the old…Therefore, the words “beauty” or “beautiful” are used commonly.

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