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Chapter 6A


Habit 1

Trust Your Own Beauty 




Beauty is not an available gift. Beauty (the outside) is a Truth! And you must know how to see that truth.

Beautiful People usually (never often, sometimes or hardly) believe in his/her good-looking appearance. However, The Most Beautiful Person in The World ALWAYS does. If you want to become The Most Beautiful Person, you have to trust your own natural beauty everytime, everywhere, even 24/7. You don't allow yourself and anyone, anything to dishearten you. You don't allow yourself to lose your belief.

How to do that?

You must take up two following important rules:

•Rule 1: Always remember that “You’re Amazingly Beautiful” and Trust that.

•Rule 2: If you forget Rule 1 or lose your confidence, belief at a certain time, refresh Rule 1!

Just repeat Rule 1 over and over again, you'll see the best result. The Most Beautiful Person always does that in his/her mind (or it becomes his/her subconscious mind). He/she ALWAYS TRUSTS their own beauty and he/she'll follow Rule 1. He/she will not allow himself/herself to lose this marvelous thing.

You can also refresh yourself that "I have a distinct beauty. Others have too. Lenient and pure People who are full of nervous energy are always beautiful!" By this way, you'll respect yourself and others. You'll feel confident and not jealous of others' beauty.

Be beautiful and confident BEFORE using any cosmetics, wearing expensive costumes, ornate jewelries and losing/gaining your weight!

Poor or Rich, whatever your education or carrer is, trust your own beauty. Whatever your skin color: red, black, white or yellow...you are always beautiful. Beauty is not only for one or some skin color. The Most Beautiful Person in This World can be anyone whose skin is black or white or yellow...Amazing Beauty is for lenient and pure people who are full of nervous energy, simply.

How about age? Must be beauty and youth together? If a person isn't young any more, isn’t he or she beautiful? Is this true?

In another part, I'll show you how to easily, simply trust your own beauty, even you are in a mess (facing bad criticisms toward your appearance).

A (beautiful) person really becomes ugly if he/she doesn't feel he/she is beautiful? Are you ugly if you lose your confidence? Or you are ugly because you don't (even can not) believe you're beautiful?

Most of the people in this world will say 'Yes!', even so will individuals who are called "the most beautiful..."! However, with knowledge, experiences and methods I’m giving to you, you can say 'NO!' Because:

•Firstly, you will know secrets, methods that will be revealed in next parts.

•Next, you know you're always beautiful even though you lose your confidence, belief at a certain time. Simply, refresh Rule 1 as I said above.

•Finally, who, what can make you lose your belief if you don't allow them, especially yourself, to do that? You are to be your private Master. Therefore, you will have to practise a new habit. “Trust Your Own Beauty” will be your habit.

How to trust your natural beauty while you yourself clearly feel not beautiful (even ugly)? If you already feel good about your appearance, it’s easy for you. However, a lot of people find it hard for them to believe they have good looks. Someone says or thinks “Impossible!” because they are used to their familiar image, simply. They think they can not get beautiful. Their logic is "Without surgery, my body and face are impossible to be changed" or "God made me ugly and I can't do anything..." Don’t ever say “God made me ugly” and use the word “impossible” because it’ll stop you from being wonderfully beautiful!

Do you know that,

More than a hundred years ago, they would laugh at you if you told them that human beings were possible to be on the moon. Of course, now people will laugh at those who say “impossible”. Because Armstrong became the first to step onto the lunar surface on July 21 1969 at 02:56 UTC.

They would have said you were crazy if you had affirmed you could send a message to a friend who was living half around the world from you within one or two second. But this ‘impossible’ fact is now a reality with computer technology (email system). Who is crazy now?

Now, if I say that “Beauty on the outside doesn’t depend on the outside”, many people will laught at that and they may think: “He is talking about the inside (a beautiful soul)”. No, I have to affirm this again, we’re talking about the outside (your appearance, figures, physique) and focusing on it in this book and it (your body) is beautiful without depending on the outside! Beauty on the outside must be seen through eyes.

First, you have to trust that. Belief makes you strong and that's your real power. Louisa May Alcott said “He who believes is strong”. Therefore, don’t let bad prejudices, limited believes stop you from believing you are amazingly beautiful! That’s all you need is: follow Rule 1 frequently and make a habit of “Trust Your Own Beauty”.

In fact, after reading this scroll, you won’t need to think of this much. It’ll become so easy for you.





10 Peacock Feather Scrolls (Ten Habits) to become The Most Beautiful Women, Men

Chapter 6A

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*Words such as ‘beauty’, ‘beautiful’, ‘sightliness’, ‘good looking’ "charm" are used  with men and women. Although ‘beautiful’  isn't  the most commonly used adjective for men, it is used. Moreover, information is for male, female, the young, the old…Therefore, the words “beauty” or “beautiful” are used commonly.

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