One in three women will never leave home without make-up

They are already the fairer of the two sexes.

But it seems many women believe nature needs a constant helping hand.

A poll has found that one in three women would never leave the house without wearing make-up.

And nearly one in four – 23 per cent – reapply it within just two or three hours of being out.

Keeping up appearances: One in three women will never leave the house without make-up

Keeping up appearances: One in three women will never leave the house without make-up

The survey for TV shopping channel QVC suggests that, for many British women, the thought of facing the world without their ‘face on’ is the stuff of nightmares.

On average, they think about their appearance nine times a day. And three in ten would not consider doing the school run without putting on at least some lipstick.

Job interviews and first dates emerged as the situations where women are most likely to feel stressed about their appearance and are more likely to apply  make-up liberally.


Men should not feel too flattered by the findings, however. More than a third of the women polled said that they were more worried about looking good for other women than impressing the opposite sex. This suggests their attachment to their cosmetics could be less about vanity, and more about wanting to boost confidence.

Psychologist Dr Linda Papadopoulos, who has led studies into the emotional impact of skin disorders, said: ‘I believe that happy skin is healthy skin and how we feel is intrinsically linked to how we look.

‘If you feel like you look your best then it gives you a much more positive outlook on life.’

The poll also found 30 per cent of women admit that their beauty regime is on their minds last thing  at night and 16 per cent say that it  is the first thing they think about in the morning.

One in five women adopted their regime directly from their mother. For a further 17 per cent mummy knew best - they have stuck with their routine for life.

However, men should not feel too flattered by all this.

More than a third of the women polled said that they are more worried about looking good for other women as opposed to impressing the opposite sex.

Nearly a third of women in Yorkshire, said putting their makeup on is the most important part of the day.

Women in the north west of the country think about how they look at least once an hour - more than any other region.

Nearly a quarter of women from the north east (23 per cent) have stuck with the same make up regime and beauty products since they first started applying make up.

Sue Leeson, marketing director of QVC, said: 'This research proves what we have always suspected, that women love to look their best.

'At QVC we know that every woman is an individual and offer a whole range of products to make her look and feel great, as well as offer expert tips and advice to know what works best for her.'

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"Beauty regimen." Not "beauty regime." Huge pet peeve.

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I'm 29 I just started wearing foundation not everyday though and I don't wear eye makeup as I don't need it ,it makes me look much older I just wash my face with Clinique cleanser,toner,moisturiser and day cream ,eye cream all Clinique and it's so good.the only thing I wear is lipgloss .being 29 I don't look my age I look 5 years younger!!!word of advise don't be a clown as it's not good for you in the long run ,only wear on occasions as I do and you will have the wrinkles when your 80 believe me !!!

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AND!!! its not rocket science. There's us who love our makeup and feel naked without it.. then there are the one's who only wear slap when they have an odd night out.. those that dont really need it natural beautys lucky sods and the bottom of the pile those that nature intended makeup wearing but never got the hang of it so dont bother

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So what's the point of this article exactly? Women have the choice. If you want to slap it on like a WAG go for it. If you just want to look polished, fine. If you want to go completely bare faced, good for you. Seriously, I'm really sick of all these articles constantly trying to find fault with women. Seems whatever we do, we can't win. Whereas men can do as they please, binge drink, get into fights, be overweight, choose a career over a family etc, nobody cares.

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can't believe there are people who go to work without makeup on, how unprofessional. not fake tan obviously, but mascara, concealer and lip gloss at least should be an essential for every woman. I couldn't take anyone seriously if they looked like they just crawled out of bed, and I certainly wouldn't buy anything from them. - Lisa, Northampton, 22/7/2011 19:31 ++++++++++++You probably have bought things from someone bare faced, and not realized it because you assumed they needed makeup to achieve what you consider an acceptable look.Plenty of us have bright ,healthy skin,long dark lashes, full lips,and hair that falls into place with minimal effort.Maybe I shouldn't have bothered to respond to your comment,though...after all, you aparently have to hide your skin,build a lash line,plump your lips,and make lots of effort just to look the way I look when I just crawled out of be,so how can I take you seriously?(sarcasm/off)

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so why do women have a go at the pretty girls who wear make up but they are wearing make up themselves? jealousy?

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I wouldn't want to terrify the masses

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I wear it only on special occasions but don't leave the house without lotion with sunblock. It's turned out to be a good thing for me, I've dated a few men who've asked me, 'why don't you wear make up' and I knew right then that they were not right for me. My husband of 10 years never once asked.

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This is so funny! I never leave home 'with' make up!

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Make up is a CHOICE.. Beautiful women, of any age, look gorgeous without it. 'Plain Janes' don't NEED it, that's just what the billion pound cosmetic industry wants you to think. Being called beautiful is not my biggest compliment, being called intelligent is. My 'beauty' will fade, hopefully my academic achievements wont. This is what we need to pass on to our daughters.

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