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JeLong ~ Musically

JeLong (artist name, born June 12) is a Vietnamese singer, record producer. JeLong’s ambition is to become a professional singer in the music industry. He has been singing English, Vietnamese songs and can perform Hindi, Bangla melodies (#songs of Hindi, #songs english, #songs Hindi com and #songs of english) musically.

JeLong does four hours of Practice every day. He also likes websites, marketing online and enjoys exciting songs in the world.

Musical background

Contacting with English, French and Vietnamese songs from his childhood, especially in his teenage years, JeLong desires singing very interesting and beautiful songs. From Hotel California (Eagles), Smooth Operator (Sade), Careless Whisper (George Micheal), Sweet Little Sheila (Modern Talking)…to French songs such as Encore, Comme toi, Paroles Paroles, Il Pleut Sur Bruxelles…and Vietnames ones such as Tình yêu đó, Vết thương cuối cùng, Chỉ có thế thôi (a French song with Vietnamese lyric), Bống Bống Bang Bang (365 Band).

In 2011, JeLong contacted with Hindi and Bangla songs. ALthough he can’t understand a word of those songs, Hindi and Bangla melodies attract him a lot. JeLong can sing Hindi, Bangla melodies at his best.

JeLong attended some musical courses to push his singing skills in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

Music Activities

JeLong is currently performing English and Vietnamese songs at clubs, bars, hotels in Ho Chi Minh city.

He also is recording new songs (cover) to perfect his song lists. These songs will include English, Vietnamese, Hindi and Bangla ones that he loves so much.

JeLong intends to produce music videos in the near future or a mini-show that hosted by himself.

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