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Chapter 2

When Phoenix Feathers raise their Voices...


* He tried touching one special full point on Magic Crystal. The magic tool began to luminesce. Millions of tiny stars soared. His face was flashing. He couldn't open his eyes to see what was happening. When he felt the light softer, he peeped at the tool amazingly. A burning rectangular crystal mirror appeared in front of him. The silver crystal color fire was deflagrating at four sides of the large mirror. He felt so strange. He was wondering,



(Explanation: * Kilsat's mission was to find and decipher Ten Blue Fire Phoenix Feathers to get Marvellous Gifts of The Deity "The Master of Crystal Heart".

*The Phoenix Feathers were hidden in Hidden Phoenix**. They could be tucked away in empty boxes or thick books or thousands of different articles...How could Kilsat, the selected person, find them in hundreds of boxes at the large warehouses ?

*The fastest way is to use of Magic Crystal, a marvellous tool which can help Kilsat find not only the Phoenix Feathers but also Bonuses (free Gifts). You (the reader) can enjoy Gifts after finding them.

Now, join the story by choosing any point you like...)


Magic Crystal



Choose one point and click Go to discover where 10 PFs were tucked away...





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